Without a doubt, several high school graduates are going to the popular trade route instead of pursuing pricey degrees in 2022. With the price of education increasing every single year, high-demand workers like welders, electricians, and plumbers are seeing great industry and employee growth. One of the most reliable industries to get into these days is, without a doubt, the HVAC business. HVAC businesses, or independent HVAC repairmen, both install systems and perform routine maintenance in residential and commercial settings.

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If you are new to the HVAC servicing industry, this video contains a few tips and tricks to keep in mind on your first day on the job.

First of all, always be 30 minutes early to your first job. Oftentimes, schedules can be flexible and unreliable so you want to get your work done as quick as you can to allow for more traffic and minor setbacks. Secondly, come to your job prepared. Bring all of the tools that you got from trade school, and in your full uniform. Maintain a personable and friendly attitude, and strive to answer all of your client’s questions.