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What is the most important factor in maintaining a successful enterprise? The answer begins and ends with modern technology, as even the biggest budget and most extensive employee base will barely manage without the tools necessary to see their vision come to life. Cloud service brokers have only continued to boom in popularity due to their unique capabilities of combining resources, accessibility and development in one handy package. If you’re not familiar with cloud communications or wish to know more about a cloud brokerage service, keep reading to get caught up on the technological boon that’s sweeping the nation.

The Most Popular Resource Of Recent Years

You would be hard-pressed to find companies or enterprises that aren’t already entertaining the switch to a cloud service broker. Studies have shown 70% of CIO and top IT executives being involved in the cloud purchase process, with another 80% of organizations already creating plans to establish a governance policy for their cloud use. Government plans have even been made to reduce data center infrastructure costs by 30% by making switches to cloud computing IT models. But what makes a cloud service broker such a popular resource and why are some still left in the dark about it?

Technology Getting Faster, Faster

Modern digital technology grows and expands faster than ever before — while it would have taken a decade to reach a certain level of quality a while ago, nowadays a significant change can be felt within the year. As such, some companies are still struggling to catch up with cloud communications. A study has shown half of all organizations planning on updating their existing cloud services, indicative of the rate in which cloud service brokers are expanding even now. With enterprises managing thousands of employees and reaching out to millions of people, organization and a smooth workflow is key to success.

Organization And Reliability

Why do businesses turn to the cloud service broker? Well, a survey of cloud service customers found reliability to be the most sought after component at nearly 44%. Even affordability came second, at 28%, followed by the ability to integrate with already existing infrastructure. Nearly 60% of large enterprises prefer cloud storage due to its ability to improve integration between development teams. With so many different people and tasks to manage in any given day, having technology that makes previously difficult and time-consuming tasks a breeze has proven incredibly effective and desirable.

A Booming Market

Cloud service brokerage isn’t falling out of favor any time soon. Nowhere is that more clear than recent industry estimates — the global market for cloud equipment is expected to reach $80 billion by the year 2018. The International Data Corporation (known as IDC) has even predicted public cloud spending will increase from $40 billion to $100 billion as of recent years. With these numbers to look forward to, you can be rest assured your money will be very well spent.

Choosing Cloud Communication Services

No matter your brand or goal, there’s a cloud service broker to suit the task at hand. It’s estimated 60% of companies use public cloud services, with the rest turning to either private clouds to hybrid cloud resources. Recent research has even found 35% of IT services today being delivered either totally or partially by a cloud service broker, boding especially important for technology-based services and goods. With cloud communications and hybrid cloud services on your company’s side, there is no height that cannot be reached.