Fire sprinkler systems are vital in commercial buildings as well as residential ones. They are effective in reducing fire spreading chances. For that reason, the fire can’t cause significant damages.

Visit local dealers selling and installing the systems. Ask for a variety of their sprinkler system layout examples. This will help you determine the best ones for your home. Also, discuss with the dealer about the approximate building fire sprinkler system cost. This is important when it comes to preparing a budget.

When you want to buy fire sprinkler heads, consider knowing the best quality heads that can’t fail you. You can go for central fire sprinkler heads, which many install for their efficiency. However, your contractor might be the right person to help you make the best choice.

Ask for quotes from a variety of contractors. You will realize that commercial building sprinkler systems cost is relatively higher than that of residential buildings. Nevertheless, compare the quotes and determine the quality of their work before choosing the right contractor.

Fire sprinkler inspections are performed in order to make sure that an acceptable degree of protection is provided for the lives of occupants within a building and the property itself from fire. This is done through routine testing and inspection according to the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

  • In either a normal or closed position
  • Sealed, locked, and or supervised
  • Easily accessible
  • Has no external leaks
  • Has no physical damage
  • Have appropriate labeling

Quarterly Inspections
The quarterly inspection involves everything in the monthly in addition to:

  • Water flow alarm and supervisory alarm must be inspected for physical damage
  • For hydraulic sprinklers, inspect the hydraulic nameplate to confirm it is attached and easily visible

Check the fire department connections to confirm they are visible and do not have damage.Annual Inspections
The annual inspection includes everything from both the monthly and quarterly inspections in addition to:

  • Inspecting the interior dry pipe valves
  • Inspecting al sprinkler heads including their piping and fittings
  • Confirming there are extra sprinkler heads and tools in case some need to be changed

Now that you know what to expect from fire sprinkler inspections, you can begin making sure you are all set to pass. Keep both your occupants and property safe with regular inspections. You could save yourself from potential dangers you didn’t even know were there.