If you own a small business creating custom merchandise, you’re going to need to get that merchandise out to your customers one way or another. While you might be lucky enough to have a small storefront or to sell a lot of your products at local markets, you’re almost certainly going to need to ship some portion of your items to far-away customers. So many of today’s sales of all kinds of items happen online, so you should know as much as you can about parcel shipping.

Of course, you don’t need to pay much to sell items onsite, but once you start selling items online, you will have to pay for a parcel shipping service.

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Your shipping costs will vary based on the size and weight of the items you ship. Larger items are bulky and take up a lot of cargo space on trucks and planes, and heavy items can bog down equipment or limit the amount of usable space on a shipping vehicle.

The video here can help you calculate expected shipping costs for your packages. Most small businesses pass these costs onto their customers either by charging for them directly or by increasing their prices for online sales.