Although helicopters seem like a modern invention, many military helicopters have been around long enough that military and helicopter enthusiasts can purchase them used. These individuals need a place to get parts to maintain their hobby aircraft. If you’re in the business of providing them with these parts, you’ll know all too well the challenges of maintaining an inventory of parts for military helicopters from so many eras.

The video on this page is an excellent resource for anyone looking to make their spare parts storage facility more efficient. You can reduce wasted space and materials if you pay attention to its principles.

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For example, you may not need to stock as much inventory as you currently have. Pay attention to your sales figures. Which aircraft models are the most popular? Which helicopter parts have been left sitting on the shelf for years or decades? Even if you keep parts that rarely sell, make sure you keep them tucked away out of the regular workflow so your team can pack and ship parts efficiently.

Although most people get into this business as a passion project, make sure you can stay afloat by buying inventory that is likely to sell. That may mean buying more spare parts Sikorsky aircraft use or not buying spare parts for your favorite aircraft.