What is blister packaging

One of the most effective types of vial pharmaceutical packaging is blister packaging. This type of packaging has a pocket constructed of formable web that can protect the vial, bottle, or other type of product container from being tampered with or damaged.

When liquid products are packaged in these pouches, they are easier for consumers to open. The packages can be made with different types of seals. These include child-safe seals, strips seals as well as rip-and-tear pouches. This also makes it easier to dispose of the packaging after opening the product.

Other types of protection that can be provided during the bottle packaging process includes liners and seals. These are applied in order to protect the contents from being contaminated. Furthermore, when consumers untwist the cap and see that these seals and liners are still intact, it can provide them with the assurance that the product has not been previously opened.

Other bottle packaging options include different types of caps. In addition to child-safety caps, there are snap and twist-off caps.

Bottle and vial pharmaceutical packaging can also include bar code printing which is beneficial for product identification. Furthermore, this pharmaceutical packaging practice is also beneficial for quality control, shipping, storage, and pharma track and trace purposes. This is also necessary with clinical trials as an integral aspect of providing clinical trials project management.

Another beneficial packaging option is cartoning. This is a helpful option because in addition to containing the labeled vials, product information and instructions are also contained within the carton. Consumers find this very helpful because they are able to determine what they need to know about the product, including the proper dosage to take.

Measured doses can also be provided in prepackaged containers. This may be recommended for a variety of medications, and can assist with ensuring that consumers don’t exceed their dosage. A pre filled syringe is a convenient option for many types of medications.

Customized packaging is usually required by pharmaceutical companies that produce injectable products. These include injector pens such as epinephrine auto-injector pens as well as sterilized bottles for products such as insulin.

Depending on the type of pharmaceutical and medical packaging that is needed for your product line, it’s important to know that there are a variety of available options. This includes customized packaging as well.