Private shipping insurance

Whether you’re shipping a care package to your nephew living in a college dorm, or you’re a business sending high-value items overseas, the essential qualities you’re looking for in a shipper are the same: safety, speed and secure delivery of your valuable items. And if you’re a frequent shopper, you’re looking for competitive international and domestic shipping rates. With the new technology, real-time tracking and delivery notification serve as guarantees of secure delivery.

Secure shipping for packages of all sizes
Even though the world practically lives on the internet nowadays, one thing hasn’t changed. We still need to ship goods from Point A to Point B, with the confidence that the goods will arrive on time, safe and secure and in the same excellent condition in which they were sent.
Secure package delivery is high on the list of must-haves when it comes to shipping packages of all sizes and kinds. By making sure that your shipment is securely packed, properly insured, and that all information is entered correctly, you can help to ensure secure delivery.

Shipments big and small
Even if we buy everything on the internet, about 90% of our purchases need to be shipped. Shipments could be as small as a single package or as large as a container box. The total scale of global shipping is almost unimaginable: at the present time there are 20 million or more containers in transit across the world’s oceans. With such a large volume of goods, secure international delivery is a necessity.
The total number of merchant ships carrying international cargo of all kinds is about 50,000. The largest ships can carry around 15,000 boxes. With this huge volume of international trade, you want to be sure that your package arrives safe and sound. For frequent shoppers, discounted international and domestic shipping rates are another plus.

Secure shipping with insurance
For valuable shipments, no matter their size, adequate insurance is necessary to cover any losses or damage. It’s important to be aware that some shipping insurance companies only give you a few days to report any damage or losses and file claims, while others give you up to 30 days.
Package insurance is especially important for shipments containing small and high value items like jewelry, diamond, watches, and art. Being able to track your packages online is great for your peace of mind, and for the security of your package. Particularly at the time of delivery, it helps to know exactly where your package will be arriving at the destination.

With all the advances in technology and connectivity, you can create shipments online and track their progress in real time. For frequent users, many shipping companies offer discounted international and domestic shipping rates. You can do your bit to ensure that your package arrives safely by making sure that the packaging is secure, all information is entered correctly, and the package is insured for its value.