You may be tempted to attempt doing the plumbing for your small business on your own. The plumbers make it look easy after all. However, they are trained professionals and plumbing is much more complicated than it seems.

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Even so, a lot of complications can be avoided with care and foresight. In this video, you will learn about common complications that come with doing your own plumbing for your business.

The first complication comes from not properly soldering joints on the piping. This can result in soldering melting on other joints. However, this is not the end of the world. You will just need to start over the soldering process after thoroughly cleaning the pipe. If the pipe itself has become damaged, you will need a new pipe.

Another common mishap is copper pipes going through electrolysis. This happens when steel and metal touch. The result is leaky pipes and all the problems that come with that. The most common reason for this occurrence is people using steel supports to hold the piping in place instead of copper supports. The simple fix to this problem is to replace all your steel supports with copper supports.