Being an LPN, or a licensed practicing nurse, is a big responsibility. Being a full-time nurse can be stressful both to your body and your mind, so be sure that the industry is what you’re passionate about before diving in headfirst. When you get your nursing certification, you can then qualify for an LPN job in several different fields. Since the nursing profession has so many different niches and specialties, you are sure to find one that matches both your personality and your passion.

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To illustrate some of the most high paying and stress-free nursing jobs, this video shares some of the top recommended nursing jobs.

The nurse recommends working at an assisted living facility, a rehab center, or an end-of-life care center because of the various responsibilities you can get valuable experience in. In assisted living facilities, you will not only work closely with an RN to help patients achieve their goals, you will also work on in-house care procedures and distribution of medicine. A forensic nurse is another highly-recommended medical position. In this field, your boss will likely pay for your schooling to master forensic technology.