Portable light tower

Working in construction is already a dangerous job, but when you add night work to the equation it becomes even more hazardous. Not only do you have to worry about heavy equipment and low visibility, oncoming traffic can also be an issue.

Staying safe on a construction site at night may seem like a difficult task, but there are some simple steps you can take to create a safer environment for yourself and your co-workers.

Look Out for Yourself

There is nothing more important than being aware of the potential safety threats that surround you. If you’re not paying attention on the job site, it’s like you’re inviting an accident to happen. Paying attention to your surroundings and the people around you could contribute more than you know to the safety of the entire job site.

Study the Job Site Safety Plan

Before you work a shift at night, you should make sure to review the job site safety plan and walk all of the designated paths through the site. You should be aware of all of your exit routes, as well as emergency locations, evacuation procedures, and other safety tools that may be used on a job to job basis. In addition, you should know the traffic patterns if working by a road to ensure safety from automobile collisions.

Make Yourself Easy to See

While construction lights and portable light towers make the construction site visible, you need to make sure that you’re just as visible to the people working around you, as well as the people travelling through or around your job site. Wearing reflective clothing will allow you to be seen more clearly under portable lighting towers and street lights if there are any.

Speak Up

If you notice something that’s not in line with your job sites’ safety plan, or you notice someone breaking a rule, it’s important to speak up and correct the issue. While it’s your job to keep yourself safe, it’s also your job to keep those around you safe and correct issues if they pose a threat.

Staying safe at night is extremely important, and construction work lights can only do so much. It’s also on you to ensure the safety of yourself and others.