Industrial steamers

Dry ice blasting is used for a number of things. Also called CO2 blasting, it produces a low moisture vapor that is very, very hot. The vapor that is produced is a lot less dense than the air that is breathed and only contains between 5 and 6% water. CO2 blasting is great for cleaning surfaces.

  1. You have much less downtime. Because you can clean surfaces and equipment where it is, you do not need to move it to clean it with dry ice blasting equipment, you have a lot less downtime. That has a direct impact on your bottom line if this is a business that is being cleaned. Most of the time, when you are talking about cleaning equipment, it needs to be taken apart and then moved to the location and put back together before ut can be used to clean anything. A number of steps, which can take days, are eliminated when you are using CO2 blasting to clean an area. These are just some of the steps that can be eliminated: the cool down of the equipment, disassemble all of the equipment, move the equipment from point A to B, put all of the equipment back together, reheat everything. If you go with CO2 blasting, your downtime is cut dramatically.
  2. Your cleaning can be done faster and it will be more thorough. When you use CO2 blasting for cleaning, you get a much more thorough cleaning than with other forms of industrial cleaners. This system is basically a better commercial dry steam cleaner. It is also a lot faster and better than manual cleaning with wire brushes and/or abrasive pads. You can reach areas and into crevices with industrial steam generators that are impossible to reach when you are cleaning by hand. Any equipment that is cleaned this way will be able to run better, too. Nearly 99% of common household germs, pests and bacteria can be killed by steam. This includes E.Coli, salmonella, and staph.Steam is also effective at killing dust mites and bed bugs. If you have bed bugs, a CO2 blasting clean would take care of that for you.
  3. Your equipment is kept safer. CO2 blasting to clean often will prevent damage being done to your equipment. If you use other cleaning methods, including sandblasting and even the use of wire brushes or abrasive pads, you risk doing real damage to your equipment. When you clean with CO2 blasting, you do not have to worry about that kind of damage. Sandblasting can even do so much damage as it removes a chunk of the surface of whatever is being cleaned. CO2 is an absolutely non-abrasive substance. It will have no impact on the structure of the surface of what is being cleaned. You can even use it on delicate surfaces and equipment. You also do not have to worry about damaging the equipment by moving it because you do not have to move it to clean it. Talk about a win-win!
  4. CO2 blasting uses no dangerous or toxic solvents. The closest you will come to using solvents when cleaning with CO2 blasting is the CO2 pellets. This can be a big deal for companies that have environmental and safety rules and regulations they need to comply with. There is nothing in the CO2 blasting equipment or process that can be a danger to your workers so you will remain in compliance with EHS standards. There are no toxicity issues with CO2 blasting.
  5. You have no waste to get rid of afterwards. Many cleaning techniques produce waste or use solvents that need to be disposed of afterwards. In these instances, the very thing used to clean needs to be cleaned up. That is not the case when you clean with CO2 blasting. The pellets that are used in this kind of cleaning are vaporized by the process.

It is safer. CO2 blasting is incredibly safe. It does not hurt the environment, workers are not in danger and your production facility remains intact.

  • To recap: CO2 blasting:
  • Produces no secondary waste.
  • Is not dangerous for workers.
  • Does not harm the environment.
  • Does not damage products.
  • Kills more germs, bacteria and pests.