The majority of commercial spaces will have a flat roof. Unfortunately, flat roofs tend to come with problems all their own. Commercial roofs can also be walked on regularly or hold company equipment. All of these things can damage your roof can cause a need for commercial roof repairs. Here are some reasons why your commercial roof may be leaking.

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Weather can play a huge part in determining the health of your roof. Harsh weather or significant rainfall can emphasize any roofing issues that exist. If you’re looking for obvious signs of a leak, you need to be on the lookout for three things. The first is any water spots. If you see a spot of freshwater or mineral deposits from a dried water spot, there is a leak present.

If the leak went unchecked for a significant amount of time, you should also be looking for spots of mold. We all know what mold looks like, and if you find it call a remediator immediately. The third sign is the smell of mold. It’s a foul mildewy smell, and it will tell you that mold is present even if it’s not visible. For more information, please watch the provided video.