Have you ever wondered if you should invest in an AI vehicle tracking system? The video above explores how AI is advancing the fleet vehicle tracking system. By not only helping with information being given more promptly, it has also helped improve the efficiency of the tracking capabilities of the vehicles, but also with costs and helping with improving the performance of the drivers.

To start, the reporter goes into how AI has helped with vehicle tracking systems and some of the services that AI offers, such as detecting unsafe driving behaviors and optimizing driving routes in real time. Per the reporter, it does this by analyzing traffic patterns and weather conditions.

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He also goes into how it can also predict when the vehicle needs to be serviced. How does it do this? The reporter goes on to say that the AI analyzes data generated in the vehicles’ devices, such as the dash cam and GPS trackers. 

Furthermore, some of the information for fleet vehicles that the reporter can analyze is patterns and trends that could not have been detected ever before or as quickly. AI has transformed fleet vehicle tracking in many ways, and it might be time to invest in this software for your business.