There are essentially two major divisions in the American legal system — civil and criminal law. Criminal matters involve criminal activity — the state is always the prosecuting party, and judges can sentence individuals found guilty in criminal court to prison or jail. Civil law, on the other hand, involves litigation between two private parties (although the state can often become a party in some circumstances), and the penalties usually involve money or orders to stop doing something.

What should I do — there’s a civil case filed against me

Your best bet is probably to consult with several different civil litigation attorneys. Many civil attorneys specialize in one aspect of civil law — you might need someone with experience in class action defense or a civil litigator. An ethical attorney will be happy to let you know if they think someone else would be a better fit for your needs.

How do I find a civil advocate near me?

Try asking around for recommendations and referrals. Friends and family members are often great resources. And even if they don’t have a recommendation, they might know someone who had a fantastic experience with a particular attorney. Alternatively, consider searching online for a “civil action lawyer near me.” Finding the right attorney can take a bit of time. Meet with several attorneys before making a choice one way or another. Most attorneys offer free initial consultations precisely so that everyone involved can see if there’s a good fit.

Complex civil litigation is not something that the average person is familiar with, but complex civil litigation cases comprise of a large section of the legal world. From personal injury litigation to the cases seen in the juvenile courts of your area, it is likely that you are familiar with some type of complex civil litigation – even if you do not know it.

Most of these cases related to complex civil litigation will be handled in the courts of your district. In the past, complex civil litigation cases were more likely to go to trail even, with more than eleven percent of all federal civil cases going to trail in the year of 1962. Now however, many complex civil litigation cases are able to be handled with the help of an experienced mediator, who will help both parties that are involved in the case to reach a legally binding and universally agreed upon conclusion, and the case will therefore be kept out of the courtroom. In fact, only around one percent of all complex civil litigation cases actually end up being sent to trial in the Federal courts.

Many complex civil litigation cases are built up surrounding environmental problems that a community is facing and potential breaches of environmental law. In fact, environmental disputes are becoming more and more common here in the United States, as the presence of industrial plants in communities around the country become ever more contested. The effects of such industrial plants on these communities can be immense and it has even been estimated that as many as five thousand deaths could even be prevented each and every year if the toxic air pollution that is generated from these industrial plants was reduced. Reducing such toxic air pollution would also reduce the rates at which conditions like respiratory illnesses and even cardiovascular illnesses were diagnosed. But the widespread presence of these industrial plants is truly something that affects each and every one of us, even if you yourself do not live in such a community that bears the brunt of these effects. After all, global warming is universal and if things continue as they have been, it is likely that one third of the continental United States will experience some level and degree of water shortages by the time that we reach the mid point of the century.

The rise in complex civil litigation cases that are related to environmental factors can be directly linked to the growing awareness of environmental issues here in the United States. No longer is ignorance bliss, as nearly half of all of the people who are currently living in the United States (around forty percent of them, to be more exact) feel a growing amount of concern over air pollution (both indoors and outdoors) as well as issues like carbon emissions, sulfur oxides, and volatile organic compounds, among many others. There’s no doubt about it that our planet is already very much feeling the effects of the damage that we have done to it. However, through the use of our legal system and the building of complex civil litigation cases, change can be made – even if it is only really a small change.

Aside from cases surrounding such critically important environmental issues, cases of bankruptcy make up a good deal of the complex civil litigation cases that are seen throughout the United States. Chapter 11 debtors are particularly common, and many civil cases run into the issue of the debtor simply not having enough money to pay back the debts that they owe. In fact, it has been found that up to ninety percent of all debtors currently have less than ten million total dollars in assets, and less than that same amount in the annual revenue that they bring in. The vast majority of such debtors also have very few employees – no more than fifty, in total.

The legal world can be complex and confusing, there’s no doubt about it. However, if you hire the right lawyer, it’s likely that you’ll find it easier to navigate.