Fire alarm installation tampa

Thousands of fires occur in public spaces such as hotels and hospitals each year, and yet according to a recent business survey, only 35% of businesses have some sort of procedure in place should a fire occur. This lack of fire protection is unconscionable, especially considering that there are many fire protection companies out there who can assist you in making your business safe. Below are just a few things that fire protection companies can help you with:
1. Fire Alarm Installation
We all remember fire alarms as being annoying or welcome breaks during school depending on what kind of a student you were. However even though most of us have only experienced fire alarms in the context of a drill, the fact is that a commercial fire alarm is a great way to make sure everyone in your building is alerted to a hazard at the same time, especially if you own a multi-story building that would be difficult to canvas quickly. Fire protection companies can install these alarms for you at points that make sense throughout your business and explain their utility and limitations.
2. Fire Sprinkler Installation and Testing
Sprinklers are absolutely vital fire safety measures mainly because they introduce water into the equation before the fire truck with its many hoses shows up and tries to penetrate the flames from the outside. In fact, sprinklers are so effective that there is no record of more than two people perishing in a building where properly working sprinklers were installed, no matter how bad the fire was. A qualified fire protection company can install these in strategic areas and make sure your building fights fire with water quickly and effectively.
3. Hazard Mitigation
If you’re a business you probably get your annual mandatory inspection by the town Fire Marshall. However we have heard that this inspection is cursory at best, and depending on the local tradition of laxity, not effective. A fire protection services company on the other hand can walk the floors of your business step by step and point out potential fire hazards. A lot of these things, like hanging posters from the walls without a frame for example, are hazards that would not immediately jump out to us, and so it is important to get a trained pair of eyes in your establishment ASAP to look for problems.
We hope we’ve convinced you to take fire safety within your business perimeter more seriously. After all, you might think you’re cautious, but you can’t watch your customers 24/7 or control random accidents, power surges, etc. Get fire protection today and please, let us know how it’s panning out for you in the comments section.