Onsite document shredding

Business is private and that privacy is at the center of whether or not businesses will prosper or fall. This includes everything from a list of clients to the recipe of every special sauce. So what happens when employees are lazy with tedious tasks like soliciting document shredding services. Here are some tips for steering your employees in the right direction.

Make clear what documents can be destroyed.
As well as which document can be shared! Setting clear guidelines about whose eyes can see what materials and whose eyes must never see what materials is of the utmost importance. When employees have a crystal clear idea about what to share and what to protect, they are must less likely to make detrimental decisions. The FBI says that information theft costs businesses about $24 Billion a year. Don’t be a victim.

Don’t be afraid to act drastically.
If something needs destroying, don’t be afraid to reach for the hard drive shredder. Hard drive shredders can be a great way to dispose of information that really must not get out. Alternately, if your employees are truly too busy to shred their own confidential documents, there must be a trustworthy document shredding company around you. Shredding paper can save office space and reduce the risk of fires. It is estimated that more than 90% of business info is stored on paper. Consider making a switch to electronic info to save space and create more security.

Check up.
If you keep a constant flow of communication with your employees, you are less likely to have problems. A culture of transparency will fuel a more healthy and safe workplace.

It’s impossible to avoid all leaks, but by following these tips, you are doing your due diligence to avoid theft. And if you can’t part with your paper, scan it in and look into document storage companies!