Shrink sleeves

With the vast amounts of products being exported and imported across the globe, most companies are always looking for ways to reduce their shipping costs. While the majority of products were once transported in heavy duty metal and wooden crates, modern materials, such as flexible plastics, offer far more cost-efficient shipping.

These plastics are especially effective for industries who produce liquids and fluids. Spouted pouches in particular have made flexible packaging more widely useful throughout multiple industries due to its cheap production and ease of use for customers. Here are a few examples how these packaging materials can benefit a business:

  1. Cheaper Material: The resources that flexible plastics are composed of are much cheaper than those used to make more rigid containers. Not to mention that molding plastic into a variety of shapes is much easier than doing the same with metals or glass.

    Some may assume that using less material may mean sacrificing some structural integrity. But flexible pouches packaging can still offer as much durability as is required.
  2. Hold More Liquid: Whether spouted pouches are transporting oil or beverages, far less plastic is necessary to hold equal amounts of liquid as other containers. Just 1.5 to two pounds of flexible plastics can deliver up to 1,300 ounces — roughly 10 gallons — of juice, soda, or water. to do the same, would require around three pounds of aluminum.
  3. Less weight and space, cheaper shipping: Because shipping prices are usually based on weight and the space required to accommodate a product, the less material used, means lower shipping costs. For example, to transport equal amounts of glass jars as compared to flexible packaging products, would require about 26 truckloads and one truckload respectively

If you’re shipping fluids nationally or around the globe, you would be hard-pressed to find a more cost-efficient packaging than flexible spouted pouches. Besides, customers will be happy to have much more room in their fridge.