Mobile storage trailers

Moving and portable storage containers rarely cause controversy. However, due to safety concerns and incidents, problems due occasionally arise. Such is the case in Broward, FL, where a mobile home that was apparently being used as a mobile storage container recently caught fire, putting nearby property at risk.

Firefighters in this southeastern county were called to the scene by a neighbor, who noticed heavy smoke in the area. Upon their arrival, it was revealed that the fire had spread from the mobile storage trailer and into some large trees. Fortunately, the fire department was able to get the blaze under control fairly quickly, preventing it from spreading to a nearby house and another trailer on the same property.

Currently, it is unclear how the fire started. No one was injured, but everything inside the mobile storage trailer was destroyed. Firefighters stated that it appeared that the trailer had been gutted and filled with all manner of junk. The trailer was not inhabited at the time, but the sheer amount of scrap inside the double-wide mobile home surely helped fuel the blaze.

The Broward fire likely won’t help calm the concerns of many people who already worry if mobile storage trailers are safe. However, in this case, it is important to remember that the site of the fire was not one of many mobile storage solutions available to responsible consumers: instead, it was a gutted mobile home that possibly wasn’t properly decommissioned. In contrast, proper mobile containers are solely meant for transportation and storage.

If you are considering using a mobile storage unit, make sure you use your container as intended and store your belongings properly. By taking a few simple precautions, it is relatively simple to avoid fires like the one at the mobile trailer in Broward. For other fire prevention steps, discuss the issue with your mobile storage unit company.