Open frame rack

All data centers contain a huge number of large computer servers that require a very specific environment to function properly. And these servers often need to be stored in server rack enclosures to keep them functioning at their best and to avoid potential downtime.

However, it can be tough to know which type of server cabinet works best for your data center when there are countless brands, sizes and types of these enclosures available today.

Want to be sure that you buy the best possible server rack enclosures for your data center racks? Ask yourself these three questions before making your final purchase decision:

What security features do these cabinets offer?

The physical security features offered by a server rack cabinet are one of the more important considerations you should be making in addition to the servers’ network security. Do these cabinets come with a lock? Are they opened with a key or with a code that must be typed into a keypad? Determine your data center’s security needs and buy the server cabinet that can satisfy these needs.

How will these cabinets keep my servers cool?

The average data center consumes as much energy as a small town. Because of this, the average data center server is highly prone to overheating if the right cooling considerations aren’t taken into account. Before buying a server rack cabinet, you should know how you plant to keep air circulating throughout the server room and keep the servers at an optimal temperature. Many server cabinets have fans that help circulate cool air in and hot air out.

Is there enough space in the data center to accommodate these cabinets?

Data centers often have limited amounts of space in each server room. It’s a good idea to take measurements of each server room’s dimensions before purchasing a server rack cabinet to avoid buying something that’s too large for your room. In addition, server rack cabinets must be spaced far enough apart to ensure adequate airflow.

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