The company indicated that they found your resume on one of the job seeking resources. As if right now, the company does seem to have a few job opportunities to offer you, but you are not certain if any of them match your interests. You know that you have the skills that they are looking for, but working at a place that does not allow you to be out and about meeting and talking to people does not seem like the right fit. Based on the information that you have gained at your new job, you now realize that being stuck behind a desk is not what you will enjoy. Your current employer may not pay as well as this new job opportunity, but you really enjoy your current career. You like the group of diverse people that you work with. You like the recognition that you get when you have had a good month of sales. And, you like the fact that your current employer provides lots of leadership and educational training opportunities.

What Are You Doing to Make Sure That You Keep Your Best Talent at Your Company?
Today’s staffing solutions can be a challenge. And while there was a time when you only needed an employment agency to help you find the best workers, with today’s low unemployment numbers it is important to make sure that you keep the hires that you find. In fact, if you are a staffing manager at your company you likely know that there are many workers who will listen to a new employment opportunity even if they already have a job. In fact, the Millennials who are in the work force have sometimes been called the Job Hopping Generation. They seem to always be open to a new employment opportunity even when they are not really thinking about a switch.
For these reasons it is important to make sure that you pay attention to all of the advice and training opportunities that a staffing agency can provide. From tips about employe recognition programs to statistics about the benefits of having a diverse work team, there are many suggestions that staffing companies can provide their clients.

Staffing your business can be a major challenge in times when there are low unemployment numbers. And while there are many who would argue that the latest jobs reports are very positive, if you are in the market for the best employees and are working on keeping the staff that you have, these numbers can make your task very challenging. As proof, 46% of human resources professionals say retention is their greatest concern, followed by employee engagement at 36%. Both of these statistics are indicators that it keeping, even more than finding, is a difficult part of today’s work world. Making your workers feel engaged in your company so that they are not tempted by an employment opportunity must, however, be a priority. In addition to the difficulty of finding a new hire, there are also costs to consider. In fact, the latest research indicates that the costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of the employee’s salary.

Fortunately, staffing agencies with the highest level of services can help you make sure that you are always prepared to face any hiring and employment challenge.