Sitting in an office chair all day can contribute to many health issues including heart disease, diabetes, and back pain. Even people who exercise regularly are at risk for these issues. This is referred to as the “sitting disease.” Luckily, there is a solution. You can help your employee’s health by buying ergonomic chairs for your office.

Ergonomic chairs help support your back in three different ways. First, the adjustable height allows you to sit with your knees are A 90-degree angle which is much more comfortable.

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Second, the chairs have a headrest that supports the neck and head, reducing the risk of neck problems. Lastly, these chairs support the natural curve of the spine with backrests and help reduce pain.

Not only do ergonomic chairs have health benefits, but they can also make employees more productive. Two separate studies found productivity rates increase by 17% when employees used adjustable ergonomic chairs.

If you are considering buying new chairs for your office, you should definitely consider buying ergonomic chairs. Overall, ergonomic chairs help avoid strain on the body, reduce back pain, and minimize health issues.