An industrial painter is not the same as a residential or commercial painter. You should be aware of your unique qualifications and experiences. Working as a professional painter can be a rewarding and challenging profession.

An industrial painter may require additional training on specific equipment and materials in order to understand the environment in which they will be working. For example, if you paint for the food industry, you’ll need to know what types of paint are appropriate for use in these structures Each industry has its own set of standards and regulations that must be followed in order for a company to remain in compliance.

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Many painters who choose to work in industrial painting obtain certification. They will need to complete additional training in order to obtain their Professional Painting Certifications. They could be trained in specific types of painting or processes that are only used in industrial settings.

Industrial Painting Contractors are thoroughly trained by institutions such as the IUPAT to be the best and most qualified painting professionals for all projects.

Anyone interested in a career as industrial painting contractors will find the job market to be favorable. Because of the additional skills and certification required, they typically earn more money than a residential painter. They also have consistent work because much of the painting can be done inside, so the weather has no effect on the number of jobs available.