There are many factors to consider when looking into a commercial garage door service. Usually, these garage doors are massive and can weigh around 700 pounds. This is something not to be taken lightly since the work can potentially be dangerous due to its weight and size. When looking for a service, you want to find one that is reliable and capable of moving around such large materials.

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Many commercial garage door service providers will use multiple lifts to help get the springs on and off the garage doors. The springs themselves are incredibly heavy and will often be 60 inches in length and 7 inches in diameter, making it complicated to adjust properly in a timely manner.

It’s best to hire an expert for commercial garage door services. The installation is much more involved and complicated when compared to the installation of a home garage door. That’s why it’s best to stick with professionals that specialize in commercial doors.

As a business owner, you have a multitude of options for commercial garage door services. It’s best to find a company whose services are within your budget, but also has the proper tools and experience necessary to get the job done right. Check out the video on this page for an installation.