How does employment staffing Tulsa OK work? Here is how the process goes; there is a job seeker who is looking for employment. At the same time, an employer is also looking for someone to hire. Employment agencies, in this case, act as middlemen between these two parties.

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The main purpose of employment agencies is to match employers with applicants. When an employer needs a worker, they can go to an employment agency and ask them to find him or her. If the applicant has a good resume, the agency will send him or her to the employer.

The process of matching employers with applicants is called recruitment. It involves three steps; screening, selection, and placement. Screening is where the agency looks through resumes and selects the most suitable ones. After all, the agency wants to make sure that the person they send to the employer is qualified for the position. In this selection stage, the employer chooses the best candidate from the ones that passed the screening stage. After this, the employee starts working for the company. This usually happens once the employer accepts the offer made by the agency.