Many people wonder what it’s like to be a lawyer. Follow this lawyer for a day to get an inside scoop. First, like most people, lawyer Tom gets up, gets dressed, and prepares for the day. Tom is a bit different than traditional lawyers because he owns his law firm. He wears whatever he wants to work.

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He does mention that he wears suits when he has to appear in court. Before heading to his office, he spends some time in his home office answering e-mails and making phone calls, if needed.

At the office, Tom checks in with staff, spends time doing discovery for current cases, and makes many phone calls. After a quick lunch, Tom goes back to the office and does more of what he was doing before lunch. Around 5 pm, he goes home for the night. He mentions his workdays vary drastically depending on his caseload. On this day, he didn’t have any pressing matters, no depositions, court hearings, or important discovery to complete. To unwind after work, Tom heads to the gym where he loves to play basketball. At home, he likes to play video games and cuddle with his girlfriend.