Complex civil litigation, every attorney and firm knows a huge time commitment. It is not managing the electronic discovery, the filings, or the interviews individually that take up the most time. It is all of it collectively. The fact is, whether it is an employment discrimination matter that has made its way to the courtroom or contract dispute, these complex civil litigation cases take a team of expert support.

When Dispute Resolution is stonewalled, and You Have to Move Forward

Ideally, even complex civil litigation matters will be resolved at the mediator table, but many times it just does not, and you have to move forward. In 1962, about 11% of all civil cases went to trial. Today, it is about 1% of cases that make it to trial.

Given the low percentage of cases that make it to trial, it can mean that getting that trial prep work done and research done for trial may not be what your team is an expert at. The right support is a necessity. Turning the research over for international arbitration cases, financial services matters, and even employment issues, can positively affect the outcome of your case.

Time is Such a Huge Factor

Every attorney knows that time is a factor in every case. Timely filings, timely research, timely presentation of the evidence all point to a successful case. The right support allows you the time you need to ensure the details and the defense of the case are well managed.

Tapping into the experience of an expert team to manage case law research and unravel some of the complexities of civil litigation is not only a time-saver; it is a smarter way to do business. No matter how large the case or the settlement, you cannot commit all of your resources or your best resources to one case. Nothing is ever certain with trials, and it can get costly to put all your best people on one case if you do not win.

Even the Playing Field

Even the most complex civil litigation is based on good research and evidence. Having the right support to partner with throughout the case will change outcomes for the better. Connect with the team that is helping attorneys across the country manage all the complexities of all their cases.