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Do you know how much bacteria you come into contact with on any given day? Say you wake up in the morning, use your bathroom and your kitchen. You hop in your car or onto the subway and head to work. After spending a day at your desk, using your office?s bathroom and kitchen, you decide to go to the gym. While at the gym, you use 10 different machines, go to the bathroom and use different mats for conditioning exercises.

You may expect these places to be relatively clean. You make sure to thoroughly clean your home every Sunday, you probably think your office is cleaned regularly and you imagine the gym is wiped down multiple times a day due to the number of people using the equipment every hour. Think again. These places may not be as clean as you think.

Your office is probably cleaned by janitorial services of some sort. Do you know how often they come or what type of cleaning supplies they use? The office cleaning services may not come every day, though. Even when they do come, you probably won?t see them. Cleaning services usually work when no one is present, during second or third shift. Their products may not be eco friendly cleaning products, either. With seventy-one percent of workers believing they have come down with a sickness from how dirty their office is, it?s time to start considering how the space where you spend 40 hours a week is cleaned.

The gym is a similar situation. If a gym has cleanliness issues, eighty-eight percent of people indicate they would not return to that facility. We prefer the spaces we use to remain clean, and we believe that if something appears visually clean, it must be okay. This isn?t always the case, though. Even if a professional janitorial service cleans your home, office and gym, it might not be helping your health as much as you believe. The key that is missing is whether or not they are green cleaning services.

Currently on the market there are 17,000 petrochemicals available for cleaning. How many do you think have been tested for effects on human health and the environment? Only thirty percent have undergone any such test. This statistic shows us that just because our office or gym appear to be clean, it doesn?t mean our health is protected. Outdoor air pollution levels can actually be lower than indoor air pollution levels by 100 percent if cleaning products are used that have chemical bases.

So, the next time you wonder whether or not your office or gym are clean, consider two things. Whether or not the cleaning service comes often, matters. Whether or not they are green cleaning services, matters even more. If you gym or office has an unpleasant odor, you?re concerned. Similarly, you should be concerned by the pollutants in your air from non green cleaning services. Let us know what you find out about whether or not your office or gym uses green cleaning services.