Office security

You work hard to keep your business safe every day. Small actions and large actions alike create the collective that soothes your fears and protects your future. When a breach in security or unwelcome stranger threatens all that hard work, you’ll search high and low for technology that can help you. Reliable and effective security comes in the form of access control systems and advanced security cameras. Not only do they do the necessary work of identifying perpetrators, they discourage unwanted behavior from the onset.

Rather than hope your building or institution is overlooked, protect your investment with business security solutions.

Businesses, establishments and institutions alike are under the constant threat of burglary and property damage. This can happen both within and outside the building, making a security camera installation one of the most cost-effective measures you can make. A recent study saw nearly 40% of inventory shrink attributed to shoplifting, with another 35% to employee theft. Taking these figures into account will help you better understand which kind of security systems will benefit you the most.

Let’s discuss common misconceptions about burglaries before we go into reliable and effective security methods. Mainstream media would have you thinking the majority of robbers infiltrate during the dead of night. The fact of the matter is quite different. A significant portion of burglaries actually happen in broad daylight, as it discourages suspicion and makes it more likely the perpetrator can get away with their actions. Despite this, only one out of every seven businesses has an alarm system in place.

Preventative measures are just as important as direct action. A security camera that is clearly visible (alongside ones that are more well-hidden) can kill two birds with one stone by making potential burglars think twice. A study of convicted burglars saw over 80% of offenders saying they would try to determine whether or not an alarm was present before committing the act. Even impulsive and unplanned burglaries saw 50% of would-be intruders saying they would think twice if they saw a camera or heard an alarm.

Not every alarm means a burglary is occurring. Studies have shown around 90% of alarm trips to be false. It helps to be aware of common patterns so you and your business are better prepared for what’s to come. Commercial security products are designed to encourage a quick response rate and allow you some flexibility in handling these problems as they arise. Most alarm systems nowadays have a built-in delay before contacting your monitoring company.

How can this save you money in the long term? The Global Retail Theft Barometer recently had a study published by the Center For Retail Research. It found that North American retailers lose up to $45 billion worth of inventory due to inventory shrink alone every year. Many more businesses suffer from the result of compromised data, damaged windows and lost supplies due to burglary offenses. Just a few years prior a collective $4.5 billion were lost due to property damage. How can you ensure reliable and effective security year-round?

Meet with a commercial surveillance professional and install a business alarm system this year. Your hard work is worth it.