Best virtual office

The face of work is changing along with the development of technology. Telecommuting is one aspect of the change, and offers many benefits for both workers and employers. Flexible working hours give employees control over their day, and employers find that this actually makes them more productive. One thing that has not changed is the need for the office basics, which are space, technology, service, and support. The best virtual office services provide all of these and more.

Benefits of telecommuting
Telecommuting has many benefits for both workers and employers. Employees save time and money on the commute, and employers find that this time is being spent on work instead. Telecommuting workers are more productive than they would have been if they had to travel in to work each day. For workers who have to commute, it can be a tiring and even demoralizing way to spend a couple of hours.
For workers, telecommuting gives them more control over their lives and work. As many as 80% of employees surveyed felt that telecommuting was actually a job perk. It also contributes to job satisfaction and employee retention, with 46% of companies finding that it reduces attrition and worker loss. Companies that allow telecommuting also see a significant decline in unscheduled absences.

Virtual office service for rent
Even telecommuters need virtual offices to work through, and this is where the new technology plays a big role. While the first virtual office made its debut back in 1994, the rise in virtual offices began around 2009.
Virtual offices are suitable for many jobs in industries like financial, legal, consultation, technology, real estate, medical and healthcare, marketing and advertising, entertainment, retail, and construction. Not every job can be done remotely, of course, but a rise in productivity is seen when employees work remotely. As many as 67%, or more than two out of three professionals agree that telecommuting improves productivity.

Virtual office solutions include flexible rentals
Virtual offices offer a large and flexible variety of arrangements. On-demand virtual office setups can be limited to hourly, daily or weekly use, including conference rooms and offices for meetings.
For businesses, the advantages of setting up a virtual office is that the responsibility for all service rests with the service provider. The best virtual office services will upgrade their technology and equipment, proving access to state of the art systems. This saves businesses the need to keep investing in upgrading infrastructure.

The best virtual office solutions provide the support employers and telecommuters need to work efficiently and productively. Telecommuting saves both workers and employers money. With so many benefits, telecommuting is set to grow, and the office of the future may well be the virtual office.