Live floor trailers, also called walking floor trailers, are semitrailers that are used to haul all kinds of loose materials. Many professionals use them to haul gravel, hay, mulch, and other loose supplies for their businesses.

The video on this page shows a live floor trailer in use from the loading stage to the unloading stage. Since these trailers have to be loaded with large quantities of loose materials, they are often open at the top. The opening allows people to easily fill them using large industrial vehicles with buckets.

Video Source

In the video, the trailer is loaded with loose sticks and mulch. Once it is at its final destination, the live floor of the trailer does its job perfectly. The hydraulic system in the floor shifts and moves to push the sticks and mulch out of the trailer evenly and consistently. The trailer can move forward as the floor works to allow the operator to spread a perfect layer of mulch across a path as wide as the trailer.

Sometimes, live floor trailer leasing services offer their trailers in place of dump trucks. The live floors can dump items much like a dump truck, but with less hassle.