Keeping your car in tip-top shape is not always possible. Even if you drive as safely and defensively as possible, other drivers can make driving mistakes that damage your vehicle. While your insurance will likely cover repairs at an auto body repair shop, you may be curious about the process they will use to repair your vehicle.

This video covers the repairs needed to reshape a damaged fender.

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Before repairs can begin, technicians need to fully assess the damage. For example, if the vehicle’s frame has been bent, it may require extensive repairs. If the damage is limited to a door, like it is on the vehicle in the video, then the best option might be to replace the door altogether.

Replacing a door is rarely as simple as purchasing a perfect door from the dealer and swapping it out. That is the most expensive way forward. To get their customers a better deal, many auto body shops take undamaged doors from salvage vehicles. They refinish these doors by stripping the paint and perfectly painting them to match the customers’ vehicles.

While homeowners may be able to swap out doors on their own, there are a lot of auto body repairs that they simply can’t do at home.