In this YouTube video, Fleming Flooring and Design Centers looks at which commercial tile and stone choices might be best for a person’s project. Stone and porcelain are two popular choices.

Stone is a natural material full of various textures and patterns. The patterns are inconsistent from slab to slab and tile to tile.

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These variations are normal. If a person can plan for these pattern variations within their design, stone might be a great choice.

Porcelain or ceramic tile will be the choice if a person likes the look of stone but doesn’t want to deal with mismatched pattern variations during the design phase. Whether it’s marble, limestone, or granite, natural stone will be more expensive than porcelain or ceramic.

It may be easier for those on a budget to choose a ceramic or porcelain tile but then choose mosaic designs along a border out of alternating marble and other natural stone. Small pebbles may be interwoven into some areas of a bathroom. For example, the shower floor might be small natural stones laid into the design.

It’s also essential to remember that all floor tiles can also go on walls while picking out the tiles. However, wall tiles are not constructed to withstand the wear and tear of walking and weight.