An auto body technician is an automotive professional who maintains automobiles, performs repairs, and upgrades cars through spare parts replacement or bodice refurbishing. If you love tinkering with automobiles, then this profession could be the best job fit for you.

But how do I become an auto body technician? To answer this question, let us look at some of the prerequisites of becoming an auto body tech.

Formal education- You need to obtain a High school diploma before you are allowed to train in auto body repair. You do not need to wait until you finish higher education to receive auto repair training.

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You can attend an auto body repair program near your school while still in high school.

Get certification- Ensure you secure certification as a professional auto body repair technician. Certification proves your expertise and makes you the preferred candidate when you are looking for a job.

Getting on-job-training- experience in common auto repair and maintenance like aligning auto chassis and welding damaged vehicles also puts you ahead of the competition. Click the link above and watch the video to get more tips on how to become a successful auto body technician.