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There may be a popular conception that manufacturing is no longer a staple of the American economy in the era of outsourcing, but that’s simply not true. There are numerous products, both components and finished pieces, that are still made right here in the USA. And if you’re looking to get into the manufacturing industry right now, there’s no better option than plastics.

The Plastics Industry in the United States Today

What, exactly, is plastics? Unsurprisingly, this field deals with plastic, making and marketing polymer-based materials for a wide range of other industries. That means plastics covers everything from making disposable water bottles to engineering critical aerospace parts. Plastics is the third-largest manufacturing industry in the country, employing around 900 thousand workers.

Opportunities for Workers in the Plastics Industry

Why might you want to consider a career in plastics? Well, there are a wide range of opportunities available that mean there’s a good fit for workers with a range of educational and work experiences. Plastics employs engineers and chemists, but also line workers, sales reps and accountants. The bottom line is that if you know where to look, you’ll probably be able to find a plastics job that matches your skill set.

The Ins and Outs of Working With Plastics Recruiters

So how might you go about looking for that perfect job? One of your best options is to work with specialized plastics recruiters. These firms (and subsets, like flexible packaging recruiters), have direct relationships with manufacturing companies that need to fill positions immediately, meaning you can get hired quickly rather than just aimlessly sending your resume out and hoping you get a response at some point. Plus, recruiters have access to job listings that aren’t publicly posted, meaning you can be considered for jobs you wouldn’t even know to apply for on your own.

Did you know that there are numerous other types of recruiters that might also be helpful to you in your job hunt, from supply chain recruiters and logistics recruiters to executive search services? Share your tips for finding a job in today’s market in the comments.

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