Have you ever wondered what the benefits of a commercial locksmith are? You may want to check out your home or office door locks and be sure they are properly protected. Your home or business has valuable property inside, and learning the ways that you can ensure safety is important. Believe it or not, taking apart an aluminum lock is easier than it seems, especially if there is nothing on the lock to protect it.

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Taking a wrench and turning the mortis lock would allow the pin inside holding the door to snap right off, letting the door be opened freely. There is a simple solution to this potential issue, if you have the time to learn more. Using a torque collar or cylinder guard is a great way to utilize commercial locksmith techniques to your advantage. Installing the collar around the lock creates a shield that spins freely on its own, guarding the lock from being turned and broken. This is a simple way to protect your doors locks and be proactive from preventing any damage or theft from occurring.