This video is to give viewers an insight and idea on starting their own auto glass repair companies. Auto glass is the glass on the front and back windshields of a car as well as car windows on each door and any windows that are on the car. These pieces of glass are not as durable as you would think, and are often broken with things like rocks, big objects, and are broken in accidents as well.

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These incidents happen often so starting an auto glass repair company is a great idea to get some money in your pocket.

If you do not fix a repair in a front windshield, especially by something as small as a rock, it can spread all throughout the front windshield, making the car owner have to replace the entire glass. Starting auto glass repair companies can make a win on all parts for insurance companies, car owners, and themselves. If someone has a rock chip in their windshield, they must get it fixed before it gets worse. Fixing the glass cost approximately $65 for the car owner and about 10 minutes of your time. Doing this job can be a great way to get a lot of income for a small business.