A data center is exactly what it sounds like. Whether it supports one large business or many smaller businesses, it is a facility that houses a large volume of IT equipment that processes data. Some of the equipment involved may include servers, routers, and data storage systems.

Data centers are essential for businesses large and small, but some data centers must support businesses with critical environments. These businesses must have constant access to the data center to function, and if they stop functioning, society suffers. Data center critical environments must be protected.

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For example, if the data center that supports a major airline shut down, flights would be seriously delayed.

When creating data centers to support such businesses, many engineers are called in to ensure every backup system has a backup system. These systems must be resilient. They need to stay operational in the event of large-scale power and internet outages if at all possible, for example.

The video on this page goes into great depth on the ways data center engineers can make their facilities as secure and operational as possible to reduce the risk of even brief shutdowns. Some of the solutions include the installation of high-quality power generators and a thorough facility maintenance plan.