Are you a small business that wants to drive more traffic and potential leads to your website? If so, you need to search engine optimize your website. If this term sounds like a foreign language to you, you are not alone. Many small businesses trust a few of the best digital marketing companies to manage their search engine optimization for them. In this video, you will learn a little more about what these companies can do for your business and why it works.

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An emerging topic in search engine optimization is topical authority. Essentially, topical authority is Google’s way of determining who should get priority in search rankings based on who covers a topic best. In other words, it rewards sites that cover a topic well across dozens or even hundreds of articles. These sites will then naturally get more visitors and leads from traffic.

The trick to gaining topical authority is the quantity and quality of your blogs and posts. Digital marketing companies will start by identifying all the keywords and topics associated with your business. They then brainstorm hundreds of articles to be written on these topics and keywords. This will help Google index your site as an authority on the topic from the shear quality and quantity written on the topic.