Do you need a flexible metal hose assembly for your business? Do you need several specializing metal couplings right away? The YouTube channel, McGill Hose and Coupling, Inc, shows the multitude of parts that can satisfy your industrial needs.

Most corrugated metal hose assemblies shown are all up to industry standards. You can expect to find such parts as steel stub ends, and carbon steel floating flanges up to 36 inches ready for delivery.

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With such a great variety of parts available, with sizes ranging from 2-36 inches, any part that you need right away is ready for installation. Custom parts are constantly being made, ensuring an adequate inventory for large demands.

There’s also the fact that all parts you see demonstrated in the video are able to handle a huge plethora of high pressures and temperatures. When we’re talking about a corrugated flexible metal hose, we’re also talking about highly flexible parts that can bend and contort in any direction.

Assemblies are made in house, so receiving parts for repairs or whichever needs your business requires will be met. Whether you’re an agricultural, construction, or even aerospace business, these parts have been satisfying customers since 1962.