Is your college struggling to get enough students this year? You can attract more students to your school with a few clever marketing strategies. After all, if students don’t know what your college has to offer, why would they apply? You need to make sure your advertising reaches the right potential students and gives them the information they need.

The video on this page discusses several unique and personalized recruitment messaging for higher education professionals. The first is to make sure your school is offering what many modern students are looking for: convenience.

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Is it easy to apply to your college? Is it easy to get to? Make sure potential students know about these features.

Additionally, make sure you offer a wider variety of communication options for potential students. A particularly good option is offering live chats on your college’s website. This way, your team can market to younger people who don’t like phone calls or emails.

Your college also needs to offer students great ways to turn their education into a career. Make sure your alumni team and career services team are working together to create a cohesive workforce preparation strategy for your new students.